Техніка компанії акріс агро на полі


Техніка компанії акріс агро на полі


The new academic year with Acris Agro

posted 26.12.2019 03:09

Agricultural company Acris Agro welcomed the first graders and their parents with a special and exciting holiday - the Knowledge Day. We wish this school year to open up new horizons for students to learn about themselves and the world, to provide teachers with endurance and inspiration, and to bring pride to their parents for their children! Also, you inspire us to become better and empower you to embody new social projects. It has become a good tradition for Acris Agro - to help the Rivne and Khmelnytsky Region schools prepare for the school year. This year gifts from the company received more than 700 first-graders. Modern schoolchildren need a great deal of educational supplies, as the representatives of Acris Agro took care of by giving the children a "first-class briefcase" to help develop their scientific and creative potential. In addition to the necessary pencils, crayons and plasticine, first-graders received copyright badges, albums for drawing and coloring on the agrarian topics. It should be noted, that this project is only a part of the social program of support of the landlords and the arrangement of village infrastructure by the company. We provide real effective help and we are open to cooperation!