Техніка компанії акріс агро на полі


Техніка компанії акріс агро на полі


Acris Agro attended the "Productive beekeeping conference"

posted 26.12.2019 03:14

On October 29, 2019, within the First International Specialized Exhibition “Productive Beekeeping”, a conference on “Productive Beekeeping in Ukraine. Export Potential and Strategic Development Areas ”, which was attended by experts Acris Agro. The event discussed important problems and prospects of Ukrainian beekeeping - the use of the latest technologies in the industry, modern methods of trade for beekeepers of Ukraine, export issues, foreign experience of regulation of this industry and interaction of agricultural producers with beekeepers. "We are open to dialogue and cooperation," says environmentalist of Acris Agro Savitsky Volodymyr Mykolayovych. - The following facts testify to this - in 2018, Acris Agro specialists joined the Union of Beekeepers of Ukraine and began active cooperation with the Beekeepers Union of Rivne region; we, as an agricultural producer, inform beekeepers and the public about fieldwork - the company has joined the electronic monitoring and alerting system of beekeepers through SMS - Grand Expert, which helps beekeepers to respond and move hives in a timely manner; also, we have purchased a unique probiotic for beekeeping - "Enteronormin Jodis", which reduces the amount of bee fatigue during wintering, prevents bacterial and fungal pathogens, strengthens the stability and strength of bee families and promotes more early flight drug in Rivne region; in addition, we constantly provide advice to helpers who seek help. On a full-time basis, I work as an environmental expert at Acris Agro and advise all beekeepers in Ukraine." We are campaigning for the beekeepers not to be indifferent to the results of their activities and to establish a cooperation network that would work as a clock work. Acris Agro is ready to help you register and keep track of all the apiaries who will contact us.